Faith Perspectives on Climate

Additional Resources:

  • Climate change resolution of The Church of God in Christ, the largest African-American Pentecostal denomination in the United States and the fourth largest Protestant denomination in North America, representing  nearly 6.5 million members in 60 nations. “We pledge to find ways to reduce the impacts and risks of climate change through promoting stewardship habits and increasing awareness in our homes, businesses, relationships and in our congregations.”
  • Statement by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, “The effects of climate change are borne by the most vulnerable people, whether at home or around the world. The Catholic Church brings a distinct perspective to the debate about climate change by lifting up the moral dimensions of this issue and the needs of the most vulnerable among us. As Catholics our faith calls us to care for all of God’s creation, especially the ‘least of these’ (Mt 25:40).”
  • Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change, “We recognize the corruption (fasād) that humans have caused on the Earth due to our relentless pursuit of economic growth and consumption.”
  • Statement of Conscience by Unitarian Universalist Association,  “The member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, pledge to ground our missions and ministries in reverence for this earth and responsibility.”
  • Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change, “We have a brief window of opportunity to take action, to preserve humanity from imminent disaster and to assist the survival of the many diverse and beautiful forms of life on Earth. Future generations, and the other species that share the biosphere with us, have no voice to ask for our compassion, wisdom, and leadership. We must listen to their silence. We must be their voice, too, and act on their behalf.”
  • Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change, “We recognize that climate change is not merely an economic or technical problem, but rather at its core is a moral, spiritual and cultural one.”
  • Comprehensive list of faith statements courtesy of Interfaith Power and Light
  • Faith Based Statements on Climate Change,  courtesy of Citizens Climate Lobby